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ZEEZ (ZTEC) HID - Future Lighting Solutions - Xenon HID Conversion

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Welcome to the official website of ZEEZ (ZTEC) HID -, a division of ProJDM, Inc.. We are the No.1 source for your aftermarket HID kits! Xenon HID worlds is one of the largest distributors of the High Intensity Discharged lighting system in North America. Our base located at Los Angeles, Southern California. We guarantee to bring you the highest quality Xenon HID Kit at lowest price. Xenon HID Worlds make HID lighting affordable to everyone and for all your vehicle needs. Every component included in our HID kits are guaranteed to be authentic and in brand new condition, does not sell imitations or refurbished products!

Xenon HID Conversion Kit

Xenon HID Conversion Kit
Our price: $125.00

Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit (Hi/Lo)

Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit (Hi/Lo)
Our price: $175.00


Xenon Bulb Specification:

  • Power consumption: 35watts

  • Luminous flux: 2200~3200

  • Service Life: Up To 3000hrs

  • Mercury purity is 99.999999%

  • Waterproof and vibration resistant

  • Quartz glass of silicon dioxide for headlight protection

Xenon Ballast Specification:

  • Power consumption: 35watts

  • Input Voltage: 9V-16V

  • Working current (Steady state): 3.5 A norm

  • Working temperature: -40 ~ +105

  • Frequency: 400 Hz

  • Waterproof and vibration resistant

Xenon HID Kit Quality Control Passed:

  • 6 hours continuous working aging test.

  • Connection circuit protection test.

  • Short circuit protection test.

  • Lack of voltage protection test.

  • over voltage protection test.

  • Flash light concussion test.

  • Quakeproof capability test.

  • cold, warm boot test.

  • Polarity protection test.

  • EMC anti-jamming test.

Xenon Headlight Color Temperature 6000K:
Xenon bulb - 6000K has an approximately 3200lm output, which is 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light and slightly less light output compared to the 5000K. Although it has a bit lesser light output, it emits pure whiter light with very slight and barely noticeable tint of blue and purple.

Xenon Headlight Color Temperature 8000K:
Xenon bulb - 8000K has an approximately 2900lm output, which is about 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light and slightly less light output compared to the 6000K. While it has a bit lesser light output, it emits bluer light than the 6000K.

Xenon Headlight Color Temperature 10000K:
Xenon bulb - 10000K has an approximately 26500lm output, which is more than 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light. 10000K produces a deep blue light output approaching violet and the blue is noticeably deeper than the 8000K

Xenon Headlight Color Temperature 12000K:
Xenon bulb - 12000K has an approximately 2200lm output, which is more than 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light. This color temperature puts out a deep bluish violet light and is deeper colored than the 10000K. It is for customer who is looking for the most extreme and most exotic looking light output.

Please note: most customers have a common misconception that the higher the K (Kelvin temperature) the brighter it gets, but in fact, it is the opposite. The K rating is inversely proportional to the light output, therefore the lower the K the brighter the light output. Also Xenon runs cooler and than your traditional halogen, therefore it will not melt your housing.



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